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February 2-for-$25!

February Special – 2 for $25!!!

2 for $25 February is back. Come in as often as you need to this month with a friend, family member, coworker, or whomever, and both of you can get treated for just $25! Please make 2 separate appointments and come in together. We can’t guarantee walk-in availability for this one (or ever tbh) so please check the schedule before showing up. Make an appointment here.

A petition to protect acupuncture access in Utah:

Utah is considering increasing the requirements to practice acupuncture in their state by mandating a degree in Chinese Herbology. This would increase costs, limit who can practice acupuncture in an already underserved state, and does not protect the public as Chinese herbs are easily obtained at health food stores and on the internet. If access to affordable acupuncture is important to you please consider signing the petition here.

February is Black History Month

Mutulu Shakur was born in Baltimore in 1950. He became the assistant director of the Lincoln Detox, a community organized drug detoxification clinic in an occupied building at Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx, which was founded in 1970 by the Black Panther Party, the Republic of New Afrika, and the Young Lords. After its closing, Shakur went on to found the Black Acupuncture Advisory Association of North America (BAAANA) as well as the Harlem Institute of Acupuncture. He sought to utilize affordable acupuncture for oppressed, underserved communities. A member of the Black Liberation Army, Shakur has been incarcerated since 1986. There is an ongoing campaign for his clemency.

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