hed style

After editing the “hed” page (Home Page News) with the “Visual” editor tab, switch to the “Text” editor tab and paste the style line (as described below) at the very top, above the text you have entered. This prevents the site header, page title, and other extraneous stuff from appearing in the news section of your home page.

Contruct the style line like so:
1. Left angle bracket (less-than sign)
2. The word “style” (without quotes)
3. Right angle bracket (greater-than sign)
3. This exact text: div#header, div#widgets, div#footer, .post-title {display:none;}
4. Repeat 1-3 but put a slash (/) before the word “style”

I would put the full line here for you to copy and paste, but since that would make it an active style command, it will tend to disappear if you switch to the Visual editor while looking at this page. So instead, just carefully follow the instructions above.