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Safe Travels Leah

To everyone at Southpoint,

It has been such a privilege and pleasure to be part of the Southpoint community and to work with all of you . I will be moving to join my partner in Singapore in December. My last shift will be Saturday December 2nd. Thank you for being so wonderful! I wish you all the best.  Leah

With Leah’s departure we are closing Mondays indefinitely 🙁
Since Dec 25th and Jan 1st fall on Mondays our schedule is unaffected by holidays this year.
Hours until further notice:

Tuesday 2-6:30
Wednesday 2-6:30
Thursday 9:30-1
Friday 2-6:30
Saturday 9:30-1:30

Last appt 45 minutes before close. For those of you who need Sunday/Monday hours please visit Minneapolis Community Acupuncture at 42nd and Minnehaha or St. Paul Community Acupuncture at Marshall and Snelling.

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